Logitech MX Air (eek! it's a mouse)

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MX AirThis is one of those gadgets that I’ve had my eye on for some time and finally purchased a couple of weeks ago. On the whole I have been very pleased with Logitech mice, but this particular mouse is quite a new concept. As the name suggests, this mouse is used in the air rather than on a desk. It’s not a pointing device I’d ever consider for my desktop (although it also works on a desk), but as a remote control for our Mac Mini Media centre I thought it might be more practical than the (already half-broken) wireless media keyboard we have. After all, what I usually do from the sofa is open a folder, point to a downloaded AVI, right click it and select “open with VLC”, with little need to type. So grabbing the keyboard with its built in mouse and broken scroll wheel is often overkill.

Although the box does not mention Mac support, the Logitech Air Mouse does work on a Mac without installing any drivers (there are in fact no drivers available). Even some of the function buttons work (muting sound and scrolling), but not all. Controlling the cursor takes a bit of getting used to. You basically hold the mouse with two fingers resting on the left and right buttons and tilt it up and down. You can reposition your arm, but I do find myself holding it in the air quite unnaturally a lot of the time.

MX Air

Between the two buttons there’s a scroll strip which makes a very satisfying clicking sound as you fly through vertical lists and pages (I tend to scroll rather too fast, it’s hard to flick your index finger down the strip with just the right speed). The mouse actually looks very sleek, black, with orange lights and a chrome undercoating. Fits snugly in the hand. Its rechargeable battery seems to last less long than my MX revolution, which may be due to the fact that it keeps the lights lit all the time.

At €119 it’s priced pretty steep and I’m not yet 100% convinced it was worth it, but I think I still need to perfect my control of it. Inspired by the latest Harry Potter which I am presently reading, it makes me feel rather like I’m waving my wand at the television from the sofa. Alakazam!

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