So Do Cell Phones Fry Our Brains After All?

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This is a very worrying little video (it’s really annoyingly filmed but gets interesting at around 30 secs).

5 comments on “So Do Cell Phones Fry Our Brains After All?

  1. The video’s obviously a hoax, but while I seriously doubt whether a cell phone battery can even contain enough energy to make popcorn pop, this study sounds quite scary:

  2. hmmm a hoax? Home there are soooo many video’s on you tube from people who show the same act…


    Basically, if the phones would indeed pop the corn, they would also cook your fingers. I’m very glad my phone doesn’t.

  4. One of the best commercial virals/hoaxes in a long time… it worked didn’t it? Dunno if it would make me buy bluetooth accessories, but it got attention.

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