Bye Bye Magic Mushroom

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I really miss being proud of this country and the freedom and tolerance that it was once famous for. Our sphincter-mouthed Prime Minister continually stresses the importance of ‘personal morals and responsibility’ but then proceeds to implement an ever-increasing number of rules, thereby chipping away at our ability to make our own responsible choices. They are chipping away at the social welfare system and adding those chips to an ever-growing ‘moralistic’ nanny state – dictating to us what is and is not acceptable in our society.

As of today, magic mushrooms are illegal in Holland because a couple of stupid tourists had fatal accidents after ingesting a huge amount of drugs that may have included mushrooms. More people die of alcohol-related incidents each week than they do of mushroom-related incidents each year – but that’s irrelevant apparently.

The government would, ideally, like to see all ‘coffeeshops’ closed down within two years despite the fact that less young people partake in the weed here than in other European countries where there are no coffeeshops.

The red light district is being closed down systematically under the guise of eradicating forced prostitution. This is making it impossible for voluntary, self-employed prostitutes to earn an honest living and is driving them underground into the arms of pimps and criminals.

Where you used to be able to have your XTC tablet tested at big dance events here in Holland, the government has decided it’s better to implement a zero-tolerance approach now. You practically get strip-searched at the entrance which is resulting in young ravers swallowing all their drugs at once before being searched. Needless to say this results in much more dangerous situations inside.

In almost all these cases the ‘experts’ are not in favour of the government’s approach. Ministers spend a fortune on research into these matters, but consequently ignore the results if they are not to their liking (which they usually aren’t). Health minister Ab Klink is particularly good at ignoring the glaring evidence that people are going to take drugs ANYWAY, so you may as well make the environment as safe as possible for them!

Good god, I have just had a political rant and rave on my blog. What happened? I usually only write about gadgets and silly You Tube videos 🙂

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