The 2013 Deal

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So it’s 2013, six-and-a-half years since I started this blog. Not much has been written – in any case, a lot less than was my original intention.

Although I am not usually inclined to make New Year’s resolutions in January (too tired from hard work between the summer and Christmas – I prefer to make a new start in September after a refreshing summer holiday) I’ve made a deal with myself. I splurged on an 11″ MacBook Air (something I have coveted for over 2 years, imagining myself writing a novel in Amsterdam cafés) and as I swiped my VISA card at the Apple Store I promised myself that to justify this rather superfluous luxury good I would commit to writing a novel this year, or at least ten short stories.

So I thought it would be a good idea to put some pressure on myself regarding this deal by publicly announcing it. So you are my witnesses and I encourage you to keep nagging me for more prose. It’ll make me feel uncomfortable and ashamed that I haven’t written enough and that will be a good thing. Or I wil feel extra proud being able to post a short story or an excerpt from the most recent chapter.

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3 comments on “The 2013 Deal

  1. Go!

  2. Could be tricky publishing prose as “S. Noort” though… 🙂

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