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This year I traded in my paper (Moleskine) journal for Day One. I love the app (it is very nicely designed) and since installing it on my (multiple) Macs, iPhone and iPad I write every day and love how it syncs between all my devices.

My Moleskine was a day-per-page diary which gave me the incentive to write daily as the gaping holes of certain days stared at me. Day One does the same with its calendar view. The advantage of Day One over the Moleskine is that I am not restricted in how much I can write. I noticed that I was adjusting my writing to fit on the page in the Moleskine. Now, I can write as much or as little as I feel inspired to whilst keeping the ‘daily’ overview.

Another advantage is that I type faster than I can write by hand (and do so happily on my Macbook Air). But a disadvantage is that I absolutely adore having a hand-written, fully-filled diary by the end of the year and will no longer have that. I sometimes imagine my son and perhaps grand-children finding it in the bottom of a dusty box decades from now (actually, do I want them reading it… hmmm… that’s another issue).

So I want to print my entries. A printed, typed page is not as special as hand-written ink on a page, but it still feels more tangible and readable than having to fire up an app. And unfortunately printing is my major problem with Day One.

Where the interface is beautifully designed, the printing layout leaves much to be desired. Ugly font, no weekday naming, a time-stamp that is superfluous (for me) and sometimes plain wrong (if you write an entry later than the date). You can print a single entry from the application but to print more than one you need to export and that offers no option for a date-range or real formatting.

So although I love the app, this is, for me, a major drawback as it now feels like my journal entries are trapped in a dedicated app. I have spent hours reformatting the exported text (entry by entry!) to make it look somewhere near as nice as the app entries.

I’m confident they’ll improve on it though. Looking forward to updates.

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