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Indrukwekkend Auschwitz

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Onlangs kwam ik een Google Ad tegen met de titel: “Indrukwekkend Auschwitz”. Het kwam over als een standaard verkooptekst over een niet-zo-standaard bestemming. Toen ik doorklikte kreeg ik dit te zien :-/

Vooral de afbeelding van de achtbaan met vlammetjes erop geschilderd is errug toepasselijk… ahem…

Behalve de ongepaste glamourbeelden van het werkkamp is er ook sprake van misleidende beschrijvingen. Er staat ‘3 dagen Auschwitz’ maar de hele reis is slechts iets meer dan 48 uur.

Net zoiets als de overgang?

Britt Dekker. Ik heb eerlijk gezegd geen idee wie ze is. Maar ze huilt, volgens het Parool, om uitgelekte Playboy foto’s (wat klinkt dat toch vies :-/). Op het eerste gezicht gok ik dat er meer hersenweefsel in haar borsten zit dan in haar hoofd – maar wacht, ik mag niet op uiterlijk oordelen. Dan maar op haar reactie op de uitgelekte foto’s:

‘Die uitgelekte foto’s voelt echt kut, beetje als de overgang de menopauze. Je bent bang dat het eraan komt, maar je hoopt dat het bij jou niet komt’.

Erm… okee… ik blijf bij mijn eerste oordeel.

Breastmilk Window

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Elvis in Disguise

You can't see me

You can't see me

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Simple Pleasures are the Best

Despite being a gadget-lover often lured by ‘complicated’ pleasures sporting tactile buttons and flashing lights, I am not immune to the simple pleasures in life and would like to share this particular one with you, namely cleaning the fluff filter in the tumble dryer… soooooo satisfying!

Am I the only one that loves doing this?

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The Dark Kermit

Someone has been busily Google image-searching / Photoshopping to come up with this extensive photo comparison of Christian Bale and Kermit the Frog. It must have taken days… where do people get the time? 😉

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POO Inc.

Would you ever call your company POO INC.? If you were an English speaking country you’d probably steer clear of such a name (although Pennland Poo Inc., a swimming pool company in Baltimore is apparently not bothered by the association of floating turds in their products).

The Dutch word for poo is ‘poep’. An equally cute word in my opinion and one I recently Googled when bored one afternoon (don’t ask). That’s when I came across the Physician Oncology Education Program. An important and serious site, with, amongst other things, informaton on early detection of colorectal cancer. I wonder if they have any idea of their program’s rather smelly acronym? They did take the trouble to register the domain which is probably worth a lot in certain porn circles nowadays.

Meanwhile, you can entertain educate yourself with the POEP Bulletin.

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What’s My Name?

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Uncomfortable position

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This is never going to become a pregnancy blog, but I do regularly check out certain sites to find out how the little one in my belly is progressing and wanted to share a picture with you.

Today is the start of week 19 and I found this picture of what the baby probably looks like now. Good god, I thought I was starting to get uncomfortable – the poor little blighter appears to be having a much harder time of it with its feet up by its ears. Looks rather like a very advanced, complicated yoga position.

So Do Cell Phones Fry Our Brains After All?

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This is a very worrying little video (it’s really annoyingly filmed but gets interesting at around 30 secs).