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If you can’t connect to Airport Express through Airplay

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It had been frustrating me for weeks now, not being able to select my AirPort Express as the audio output for my MacBook Air (wanting to stream Spotify to my speakers). The selecter would simply keep jumping back to ‘Internal Speakers’. My initial Google search on the matter told me that I was not alone with this problem (it’s something that has popped up since the advent of Lion and Mountain Lion apparently), but the only solution I could find that worked was to restart the Mac which is rather annoying to say the least.

But today I found a permanent answer on this page.

Basically, you need to disable IPv6 on your Mac and this is how you do that:

1. Open Terminal (found in your Applications>Utilities folder).
2. Type the following:
networksetup -setv6off Wi-Fi (<- if you're connected via WiFi) or networksetup -setv6off Ethernet (<- if you're connected via Ethernet i.e. wired) 3. Press Enter. 4. If prompted for your password, enter it. And voilĂ  - you can stream through Airplay again (well, I hope you can, I could). /// UPDATE 1 DAY LATER /// Damn.... just re-opened my MacBook after closing the lid for sleep for a few hours and the problem is back. Even typing the above in the Terminal doesn't work. 🙁 I have decided to go back to using Airfoil…. that works at least.

Day One : App review

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This year I traded in my paper (Moleskine) journal for Day One. I love the app (it is very nicely designed) and since installing it on my (multiple) Macs, iPhone and iPad I write every day and love how it syncs between all my devices.

My Moleskine was a day-per-page diary which gave me the incentive to write daily as the gaping holes of certain days stared at me. Day One does the same with its calendar view. The advantage of Day One over the Moleskine is that I am not restricted in how much I can write. I noticed that I was adjusting my writing to fit on the page in the Moleskine. Now, I can write as much or as little as I feel inspired to whilst keeping the ‘daily’ overview.
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Welcome back Save As…

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One of my greatest frustrations with Lion and Mountain Lion has been the absence of ‘Save As…” in the menus. I never understood why they removed it in the first place and the ‘Duplicate’ function that has replaced it is tedious and unintuitive if you know anything about folder structure in a computer.

So I was particularly happy to come across this fix, to restore “Save As…” to its original function. See below.

1. Go to your System Preferences and choose Keyboard.

Keyboard preferences

2. Choose Application Shortcuts and press + to create a new shortcut.
3. Enter the menu title “Save As…”
4. Enter the shortcut (Shift CMD S)
5. Add the shortcut

VoilĂ ! It will now be available in all your applications.

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