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Who Turned On The Light?

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Wake up Light

Like many people I have quite a bit of trouble waking up in the mornings during winter. Well, also during summer actually, but during winter especially. The shrill sound of the alarm buzzing or squeaking or vibrating (if it’s my phone) awakens me with a start and after several snooze sessions, I shuffle to the kitchen to make coffee, usually without turning on any lights and usually quite grumpy.

Rather than simply going to bed earlier, I of course decided to engage a gadget to tackle the symptoms: The Philips HF3451 Wake-Up Light. It’s an ugly blighter to have next to your bed – but I desperately wanted to experience this apparently revolutionary, natural way of waking up – as if to the gentle, warm rays of the rising sun – in your very own bedroom. And with birds chirping.

It’s a simple concept. A 75W softtone bulb attached to a dimmer attached to a timer. If you set the alarm for 7am the light will start to increase gradually from 6.30 am over a period of 30 minutes. At 7am the birds start twittering. If you buy the more expensive HF3461 version you get more sounds, such as the ocean, forest noises and a radio.

I found myself waking up between 6:30 – 7:00 am getting very annoyed at even the slightest bit of light. By the time it was on full strength at 7am I felt like someone had barged into the bedroom and snapped on the lights. Conclusion: I am a Gremlin and the wake-up light is not the answer for me.

Thankfully I could bring it back to the shop and get my money back. Now I am back to using my Nokia E61 mobile phone as a vibrating alarm clock. Under the pillow it’s really quite relaxing 😉

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