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Animoto is a photo-jukebox-DJ app… kinda. Upload some photos, choose some music and let the Animoto engine do the rest: editing your pics into what looks like an MTV sequence. It’s much more exciting than your average slideshow or powerpoint presentation, but the down side is that you have no control over the actual edit except for the order of the photos. I suppose that’s kind of the whole idea as you can avoid having to painstakingly edit to the music.

It’s free to make 30 second videos and costs $3/video for full-length ones. Alternately you can get an ‘All Access’ pass for $30 but I don’t think I’ll be using it that often. I could be wrong (as I have been about quite a lot of online hypes – ahem), but it seems like a rather short-lived gimmick, especially as you can’t influence the outcome enough to show off your expertise and get creative outside of the Animoto editing-algorithm. Anyway, for now it’s fun and looks pretty good, I think.

Below is my first attempt.

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