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Apple Care Support Centre

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Last week I had this rather surreal telephone conversation with an employee at the Dutch Apple Care Support Centre. It was regarding my recently purchased iPad which appeared to have a dead pixel. After spending ten minutes on hold at the cost of €0,10/min, I was connected to “Mick”. Now I have often spoken to very friendly, competent and patient Apple Care employees, but Mick rubbed me the wrong way from the start with his incessant interruptions and patronizing tone of voice. This is more or less how our conversation went:
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iPhone taking forever to sync

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A while ago I noticed that my iPhone 3GS was taking ages to sync with iTunes. By ‘ages’ I mean more than 90 minutes. I couldn’t pinpoint when the problem exactly started because to be honest I don’t sync that often (usually purchasing and installing apps through the phone itself). I came across this website which offered a solution for many people experiencing the same problem.

According to the author, corrupted apps (especially those installed through the phone rather than through iTunes) are often the culprit. So I followed his steps to remove all apps from the phone and reinstall them one-by-one by syncing through iTunes. Doing this of course meant I lost all my app data and settings. I didn’t really mind too much about high-scores though, except for in Angry Birds (which has to be the best game for iPhone so far!). It seemed to help as my final sync completed within a matter of seconds rather than hours. But a day later the slow syncing problem had returned – this time even worse.
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Microsoft Strikes Back

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In an attempt to heal some of the damage done to the image of PC’s by Apple’s “I’m a PC and I’m a Mac” adverts, Microsoft has embarked upon a new advertising campaign. Their concept is to kill the stereotype of a PC user as a clueless nerd in a brown suit. To be honest, I think this is a pretty good response to the Apple ads – but I’m still sticking with Apple.

By the way, the actor that portrays the PC in the Mac ads is actually a Mac user in real life.

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