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Incompetent Companies

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It really does seem like there are more incompetent companies out there than competent ones. I have recently been frustrated by a variety of incompetencies ranging from minor irritations to major problems with, for example, my website.

In the previous post I wrote about Hosting Zoom and how their service unfortunately declined rapidly since they introduced their so-called “Failover Hosting” some months ago. “Failover” sounds a little ambiguous, but I think it’s supposed to encourage a feeling of well-being and security in clients. Nothing could be further from the truth as Hosting Zoom over-sold space on their servers resulting in error after error and unreachable sites. That’s incompetent company number 1.

Then there’s a less serious, but still annoying issue I have with the bi-monthly Dutch technology/gadget magazine, Bright. I subscribed to the magazine soon after it first appeared, just over a year ago. Single issues purchased in shops cost € 4,99 and a I paid €25 for 6 issues in a year. However, they keep selling the magazine at a reduced price of € 2,99 in the shops now, so I worked out that as a subscriber I’m paying more. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be, right? On writing to them it took a few reminder mails to hear anything back and then eventually they offered to reimburse me € 5,50 so I get a year’s subscription for € 19,50. Very nice of them – only it’s been three weeks and they have still not reimbursed me. More reminders to follow I suppose.

Another little gripe would be Canon.. I’ll write about them in a separate post…

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Canon Online Support Sucks

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Another post in my series about incompetent or plain unfriendly companies. This time it’s Canon.

I have a Selphy CP710 photo printer (cute, dinky little thing). You buy complete sets of ink + photo paper to use in it and the default printing size is 100x148mm postcard size. That works fine. You can also purchase other cool paper sizes such as 54x86mm credit card size stickers (KC-18IF). I ordered a pack online from www.123inkt.nl which is a perfectly good company, by the way. But then…
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