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Twinkie Chic

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I am starting to spot a trend… and I think I like it 😉 First there’s the rotund Beth Ditto of the Gossip via whom I discovered (rather late) through Mika’s single Big Girl (You Are Beautiful). This morning via BoreMe.com I found Joy Nash doing a fat rant and just now via Madonna’s own personal blog (ahem) I find the YouTube video below starring the round Romanian singer, Miss Platnum.

What’s happening? Is fat the new thin? Has heroin chic finally gone Twinkie chic?

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Sony Bravia Has Done It Again

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The Sony Bravia adverts have always been beautiful to watch and technically fascinating. They started with the bouncy balls flying down a San Francisco street. Then the paint explosions in an apartment block. Now they have made a time lapse version with cute little plastecine rabbits. How did they do that?

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