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GMail: Send and Archive – keep your Inbox tidy

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Do you use GMail? If so, have you ever checked out the GMail Labs features, to be found under the little green beaker icon up in the right-hand corner? You should, as there are some great time-saving, productivity-increasing, visually-pleasing plugins to be found there. My personal favourite is ‘Send and Archive’. Since activating it, my Inbox usually contains no more than about 10 messages and is sometimes even empty whereas it used to be piling over with 1000+ messages.
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Slow Times

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Some years ago there were a few days during which I noticed that I wasn’t receiving as much snailmail as I was used to. In fact, I think I didn’t receive any mail for a couple of days at all. This prompted me to test the system, just as you do when you suspect your e-mail may be having intermittent problems – you send yourself a message.

But this was analog mail, snailmail, the real deal – so I sent myself a letter. Is that very sad of me? It feels like a kind of loser-ish thing to do, but is it really any different from sending yourself an e-mail? Yes, I suppose it is if you actually write a little note to put inside the envelope congratulating yourself on receiving the letter. But think about it, you can’t do lasdj lkajsdas etyralksdja alsdj laksjd alsd in a handwritten letter – it’s just not the same.

The letter arrived the very next day and even though I had written it myself, I still felt a brief thrill at the sight of a hand-written envelope with my name on it on the dusty doormat. The thrill was soon replaced by mild embarassment when I realized the lull in post coming through my letterbox was simply due to the fact that nobody had sent me anything. There was no sudden pile of delayed letters desperate to reach me, no concerned phonecalls about where I was and why I wasn’t replying to correspondence. There simply was no correspondence. I was forced to accept the fact that I’d just been unpopular there for a while.

I write this because I have recently noticed a lull in my e-mail correspondence. Not that I am not receiving mails, but because all is quiet on the reply front… is there anybody out there?

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