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Love for All – but not in Holland

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Björn Borg made this ad which is shown in Sweden and elsewhere of two priests getting married. The Netherlands used to be a free, progressive country too, but apparently the Dutch Björn Borg CEO decided not to air this commercial as it’s too controversial and might offend someone. Yes, people, our Christian-led government, aided and abetted by the right-wing-in-disguise-flip-flop Labour party (PvdA) has successfully thrown The Netherlands back into the moral corset of the 1950’s.

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Mr. Zwart

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I got married a few weeks ago and am about to move house to live together with my new ‘spouse’ Merel 🙂 That entails a lot of administrative paperwork regarding insurance, change of address and all that stuff. The fact that I married a woman while I am one myself never really struck me as odd until this afternoon. Well, not so much odd as “oh, our computer can’t input that”.

This afternoon I spoke to at least three companies and some of them had already been tipped that I was now married through the GBA computer (Gemeentelijke Basis Adminstratie a.k.a. BigBrother Inc.). But Merel had been invariably registered as Mr. Zwart. I guess Big Brother don’t know that much after all 😉 Some forms are not yet equipped to deal with Mrs and Mrs it seems.

However, the day care centres here are much more progressive than the insurance companies because when I recently signed up with one of them, in anticipation of our baby arriving in December, the form didn’t read Mother / Father but Parent 1 / Parent 2. That makes things much simpler 🙂