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Love for All – but not in Holland

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Björn Borg made this ad which is shown in Sweden and elsewhere of two priests getting married. The Netherlands used to be a free, progressive country too, but apparently the Dutch Björn Borg CEO decided not to air this commercial as it’s too controversial and might offend someone. Yes, people, our Christian-led government, aided and abetted by the right-wing-in-disguise-flip-flop Labour party (PvdA) has successfully thrown The Netherlands back into the moral corset of the 1950’s.

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Katy Perry

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Katy Perry is being called the new Lily Allen, but I don’t really get the comparison. Their music is miles apart with Perry in the extreme, poppy, over-produced corner and Allen in the slightly more minimalistic, yet expertly-produced-by-Mark-Ronson corner.

Their lyrics have some similarites, both cutting and usually amusing, but I still think Lily Allen wins on that front. The best Perry has come up with is “I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf”. She caught my attention because of the titles of two of her songs: “Ur So Gay” and “I Kissed A Girl”. My hopes of finding a new lesbian alternative music icon were dashed though… it’s soooo mainstream and the she’s sooooo not gay. Why do I care? I dunno, I suppose I just like adding cute girls to the bandwagon or something immature like that 😉

I kissed a girl just to try it,
I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it.

The beginning of the video reminds me of that Roxy Music album cover… Roxy Music 😉

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