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GMail: Send and Archive – keep your Inbox tidy

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Do you use GMail? If so, have you ever checked out the GMail Labs features, to be found under the little green beaker icon up in the right-hand corner? You should, as there are some great time-saving, productivity-increasing, visually-pleasing plugins to be found there. My personal favourite is ‘Send and Archive’. Since activating it, my Inbox usually contains no more than about 10 messages and is sometimes even empty whereas it used to be piling over with 1000+ messages.
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GMail themes

Since this morning I discovered that I no longer need the Better GMail plug-in to give my GMail interface a new look, GMail now offers themes itself!

They look similar to the themes offered on google/ig and I am hoping that they open the doors to other designers so we have lots more to choose from. Below are a couple of screenshots from Google’s first offerings (click to enlarge).

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iGoogle Experiment

I am one of the chosen few! Chosen as a beta-tester for Google’s new version of their iGoogle personalized homepage. However, after my initial feeling of pride at being part of a select few (a pride that conveniently forgot that the selection was most probably made at extreme random by a computer) I have decided I want the old version back. This one is annoying, buggy and space-consuming.
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GMail Contacts

Today (after almost having a panic attack because our internet connection was down for over an hour – good god, I am soooo addicted!) I clicked on Contacts in GMail and discovered that they have improved the interface. It looks much better than the very text-based contacts list they had before. A very important feature I still miss though is the ability to write a mail and add recipients from my lists as I browse through them. Now you have to do that beforehand and click COMPOSE. Else you have to type in names from memory.

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