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iPhone taking forever to sync

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A while ago I noticed that my iPhone 3GS was taking ages to sync with iTunes. By ‘ages’ I mean more than 90 minutes. I couldn’t pinpoint when the problem exactly started because to be honest I don’t sync that often (usually purchasing and installing apps through the phone itself). I came across this website which offered a solution for many people experiencing the same problem.

According to the author, corrupted apps (especially those installed through the phone rather than through iTunes) are often the culprit. So I followed his steps to remove all apps from the phone and reinstall them one-by-one by syncing through iTunes. Doing this of course meant I lost all my app data and settings. I didn’t really mind too much about high-scores though, except for in Angry Birds (which has to be the best game for iPhone so far!). It seemed to help as my final sync completed within a matter of seconds rather than hours. But a day later the slow syncing problem had returned – this time even worse.
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Gadget Dilemma: iPhone or iPod Touch + Nokia E61i?

Another gadget dilemma is haunting me. It’s hard being addicted to gadgetry whilst trying to be just slightly financially responsible at the same time. It’s that damn iPhone 3G luring me into its Apple lair of beautifully crafted interface and apps – to integrate seamlessly with my iCal, Address Book and my generally sleek Mac experience.

I’ve greatly enjoyed having an all-in-one smartphone since I got the Nokia E61 (E61i in the meantime) but the iPhone interface appeals so much more than Symbian S60 and I can’t wait to get my hands on those apps and dirty the screen with my greasy fingertips. However, something is holding me back. Continue reading

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