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Spotify: 30 months later

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It’s been two-and-a-half years since my post about Spotify when it had just rolled out in The Netherlands. At the time I was cautiously enthusiastic with quite a list of complaints too. In the meantime Spotify has replaced iTunes for me and I have become somewhat of a Spotify evangelist as it has fundamentally changed the way I listen to and discover new music.
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Spotify logoA couple of months ago streaming music service Spotify finally rolled out here in The Netherlands. After a few days of using it, I signed up for the €10/month Premium service so I didn’t have to listen to the adverts after every ten tracks or so (they really annoy me, which is the main reason I never listen to commercial radio stations). A few months into using the service, I shall share some of my thoughts on it.
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iTunes 8 Genius Playlists

As I eagerly await the arrival of my iPod Touch second generation, I upgraded to iTunes 8 today as it is required for the iPod Touch to sync with. I’d read about some problems with iTunes 8, but decided to risk it anyway and so far so good – nothing buggy happening.

I like some of the changes version 8 has brought, including the grid album cover view.

But one of the most talked about features is the addition of Genius playlists. Basically, iTunes analyzes your library, sends the information to the Apple Store (anonymously) and feeds back information about your tracks to the Genius in your library. Then, if you play a track and click the Genius button, it will generate an “intelligent” playlist of music you should like if you were playing that track to start with.

I’ve experimented with it and have been pleasantly surprised by the playlists Genius compiles. They ain’t ‘arf bad really. OK, so there were some weird recommendations in there for my more obscure artists. But to give you an example, I told it to make a 25-song playlist based on “This Is the Day” by The The (one of my favourite bands). This is the list it came up with (with suggestions from my own library). Click on the image to view a larger (legible) version.

Not bad really. And then, if you open up the Genius Sidebar it will give you recommendations for songs you might like from the iTunes Music Store which you don’t yet have. Clever little bugger that Steve Jobs isn’t he?

Many people are already praising the Genius function quite simply because it is enabling them to (re)discover music they already have in their libraries but never listen to. Seeing as I have 27594 songs in my library, chances are big that I may even hear songs I’ve never heard before! 😉

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iTunes Artwork and OCD

iTunes Coverflow
It took me a while, but I have finally digitized my entire CD collection into iTunes. That’s over 600 CD’s – pffff. But now comes the hard part – if you have an Obsessive Compulsive streak like me – the artwork and genre indexing. Combining my music (which is way in excess of 600 albums as I have downloaded a lot music too) with Merel’s collection, brings us to over 25.000 songs. Over 100GB of music. Some of it without artwork and much of it labelled with genres that mean nothing to me. So how am I tackling this gigantian job?
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