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POO Inc.

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Would you ever call your company POO INC.? If you were an English speaking country you’d probably steer clear of such a name (although Pennland Poo Inc., a swimming pool company in Baltimore is apparently not bothered by the association of floating turds in their products).

The Dutch word for poo is ‘poep’. An equally cute word in my opinion and one I recently Googled when bored one afternoon (don’t ask). That’s when I came across the Physician Oncology Education Program. An important and serious site, with, amongst other things, informaton on early detection of colorectal cancer. I wonder if they have any idea of their program’s rather smelly acronym? They did take the trouble to register the domain www.poep.org which is probably worth a lot in certain porn circles nowadays.

Meanwhile, you can entertain educate yourself with the POEP Bulletin.

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