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Lily Allen Returns

Lily Allen has been working on her second album and recently completed this video to the single “The Fear”. I like the verses – very Lily Allen-ish, but the chorus is just too Stock Aitken Waterman “poppy” for me. The video itself doesn’t do much for me either as it lacks the humour I am used to from her first album’s videos and despite what she writes on her blog, I don’t get the impression she was really having fun making this.

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Remi Nicole

After Lilly Allen, Lady Sovereign and Kate Nash, there’s another young, London-accented songstress that is growing on me: Remi Nicole. Check out the video for Go Mr. Sunshine below and then see how it looks like a combination (or rip off, however you wish to perceive it) of two White Stripes videos directed by Michel Gondry.

Remi Nicole – Go Mr. Sunshine

White Stripes – The Hardest Button to Button

White Stripes – Fell In Love With A Girl

Kate Nash

I was watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy last night and heard a song in the background which immediately appealed to me. But I didn’t know who this girl was that was singing about “cheese on toast” in a distinct London accent. A google on “lyrics cheese on toast” later, I discovered Kate Nash. She is often compared to Lily Allen which is not surprising as they are of similar age and background and both sing somewhat sarcastically about stale relationships, nostalgia and London life. Musically they are quite different though as Nash has a more acoustic, singer-songwriter feel than the extensively-produced Allen.

Of course, knowing my track record on ‘discovering’ new artists to share with my friends, you probably all heard of Kate Nash months ago already 😉

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