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Spotify logoA couple of months ago streaming music service Spotify finally rolled out here in The Netherlands. After a few days of using it, I signed up for the €10/month Premium service so I didn’t have to listen to the adverts after every ten tracks or so (they really annoy me, which is the main reason I never listen to commercial radio stations). A few months into using the service, I shall share some of my thoughts on it.
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iPhone taking forever to sync

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A while ago I noticed that my iPhone 3GS was taking ages to sync with iTunes. By ‘ages’ I mean more than 90 minutes. I couldn’t pinpoint when the problem exactly started because to be honest I don’t sync that often (usually purchasing and installing apps through the phone itself). I came across this website which offered a solution for many people experiencing the same problem.

According to the author, corrupted apps (especially those installed through the phone rather than through iTunes) are often the culprit. So I followed his steps to remove all apps from the phone and reinstall them one-by-one by syncing through iTunes. Doing this of course meant I lost all my app data and settings. I didn’t really mind too much about high-scores though, except for in Angry Birds (which has to be the best game for iPhone so far!). It seemed to help as my final sync completed within a matter of seconds rather than hours. But a day later the slow syncing problem had returned – this time even worse.
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iPhoto 09

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I’m playing with iPhoto 09’s new face recognition tool. As you can see, it’s not error-free 😉

info.xhead | Password Manager

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xheadSince having switched to 100% Mac (in August 2007) I have been greatly enjoying the aesthetics of the interface. An additional joy has been found in the countless little shareware apps made for Mac. They not only look cool but are more often than not pretty damn handy too. So I’ve added a ‘Software’ category to start sharing my experiences with these apps, like a proper geek.

One of the apps I love the most is info.xhead, a password manager. I know, the name is crap – I can barely remember it – but the app is great. It’s basically a program in which you can store passwords, PIN numbers, account info etc. Very sensitive information which you don’t want some hacker or burglar getting their grubby little hands on, so it’s protected with one master password which you should obviously just remember and not write down anywhere. But be warned, if you forget your master password – there is NO WAY you’ll ever get your (encrypted) information back. Continue reading

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iTunes Artwork and OCD

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iTunes Coverflow
It took me a while, but I have finally digitized my entire CD collection into iTunes. That’s over 600 CD’s – pffff. But now comes the hard part – if you have an Obsessive Compulsive streak like me – the artwork and genre indexing. Combining my music (which is way in excess of 600 albums as I have downloaded a lot music too) with Merel’s collection, brings us to over 25.000 songs. Over 100GB of music. Some of it without artwork and much of it labelled with genres that mean nothing to me. So how am I tackling this gigantian job?
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GMail Contacts

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Today (after almost having a panic attack because our internet connection was down for over an hour – good god, I am soooo addicted!) I clicked on Contacts in GMail and discovered that they have improved the interface. It looks much better than the very text-based contacts list they had before. A very important feature I still miss though is the ability to write a mail and add recipients from my lists as I browse through them. Now you have to do that beforehand and click COMPOSE. Else you have to type in names from memory.

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