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UPC wil dat je in de meterkast telefoneert

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Onlangs heb ik internet van XS4ALL en telefonie van KPN ingeruild voor alles van UPC waar ik het volgende pakket heb besteld:

    Fibre Power 60
    Standaard Telefonie
    Digitale TV Royaal HD met DVR

Best een riante combinatie van diensten en UPC biedt ook nog 100% installatie garantie – dus dat zal wel goed komen, dacht ik. Wat UPC niet vertelt is dat ze alleen garanderen dat de diensten werken op het punt waar het kabelsignaal je woning binnenkomt. Bij de meeste nieuwbouw huizen is dat in de meterkast. In de meterkast sluiten ze het modem aan – anders kunnen ze niet garanderen dat je de snelheid en stabiliteit krijgt die ze beloven.
Prima, maar hoe zit het dan met computers, telefoon en de decoder voor digitale TV aansluiten?

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Bye-bye my old friend XS4ALL

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After much deliberation (actually, about two years of discussions between me and @merelzwart) I finally bit the bullet and cancelled our internet account with XS4ALL to fly into the future on dazzlingly fast fibre power with UPC for half the price :-/. I know, that emoticon just now should have been a smiley, but I have mixed emotions about the change of provider.
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UPC Experiment

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Well, I took the plunge again with UPC. We are on the verge of buying a Full HD LCD TV and I know that the analogue signal will look like sh*t on it – so we need digital. To clarify: I hate UPC but they are the only cable TV supplier in Amsterdam that also offer BBC1 and 2 – an absolute must for me (KPN’s Digitenne doesn’t).

So, for digital TV, UPC offers a normal digital package and an HD package – both available with and without a built in DVR harddisk recorder. I decided I’d like the recorder. So what are the prices?

The Royaal Digital package costs: € 13/month
The Royaal Digital HD package costs: € 22/month

That’s a € 9/month difference – for what exactly?

Not for receiving everything in HD, no… the HD package is identical to the digital package except you can connect it to the TV with HDMI instead of scart, which makes no difference to the signal except for 4 extra HD channels.

I would have thought UPC would have made some kind of subsidy deal with the HD TV manufacturers to offer HD channels at an attractive price (rather than an exhorbitant one for diddly squat) to encourage people to spend their cash on new hardware and get addicted to UPC channels.

But then, UPC’s way of conducting business is something that has always baffled me. When, oh when will they be faced with some true competition in the Amsterdam area. Please, OPTA, make ’em sweat!

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